The following additions have been made to the Pandamonium charter, effective immediately. As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact a member of the Leadership Team.

Informal Chapters
An Informal Chapter is an MMO that Pandamonium has a small presence in. They are created when there is reasonable interest to have some organization within a particular game, but not to the point of having a leadership structure like an Official Chapter. Leadership of an Informal Chapter consists of one person: the Game Leader. They can petition the leadership team to form an Informal Chapter if there are at least 15 community members interested in joining. Informal Chapters will have one forum assigned to them, moderated by the Game Leader. There will be no recruitment, as it is merely intended to allow for casual game play among existing members of the Pandamonium community. An Informal Chapter can be converted to an Official Chapter at any time if the leadership team determines that it qualifies.

There are currently no Informal Chapters.

Game Leader
A Game Leader is responsible for all in-game administration for the Informal Chapter that they oversee. They also moderate their game forum, including the maintenance of an active member list. A Game Leader cannot be an existing Chapter Leader or Chapter Officer and must be approved by the council.