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WildStar Alt Guilds Now Live

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Pandamonium II and Pandamic have now both been formed and are open for business! As a reminder, from our Charter:

Guild Tags
Pandamonium: The primary guild. If a cap on the number of characters allowed in guilds exists within a game, then you will be allowed to have a maximum of four characters tagged.

Pandamonium II: An alternate guild available for character overflow, intended to mainly include crafting alts and semi-retired toons.

Pandamic: The opposite allegiance/faction guild for alts.

Any individual with the rank of Member and higher wishing to tag an alternate character need merely ask one of the Chapter Officers for an invite to any of the guilds. Please note that only current members of Pandamonium will be allowed into Pandamonium II and Pandamic, and the Pandamonium Charter applies equally to all guilds. Though the rank structures are identical, Pandamonium II and Pandamic are intended to merely be alt guilds. This means that our primary focus is and will always be Pandamonium.

We're still working on getting all officer alts squared away in the new guilds, but as a general rule you can ask any WildStar Chapter Officer who isn't busy to pop on over and throw you an invite.
Posted Jun 15, 14 · OP
Awesome. I'm am glad to see a Wildstar guild has been made. I know I have been extremely inactive, mostly due to my ankle and just not having time for games right now. I am however taking a strong look at this game since I have more time on my hands and plus one of my friends offered me a 7-day pass to try it out. I like what I have read so far and am currently installing the game.
Posted Jun 20, 14