The history of Pandamonium is not just about one guild, but of a group of wonderful friends who have been playing together in different games and under different guilds for many years. Though our focus for much of that time has been on endgame raiding and our ranks include many expert gamers, we have come to appreciate the more casual side. Our goal is to promote both styles: have a fantastic place for those that group and raid and also a welcoming casual community for all.

November 2004
Phantom Knights was formed on the Mistmoore server in EverQuest 2. Over the course of the following year our core membership met and became friends.

October 2006
A real life gathering took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was to become the first of many guild meets that continue to occur on an annual basis. Since then we've met up in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, and Massachusetts.

June 2007
Phantom Knights dissolved and merged with Survivors on the Guk server in EverQuest 2.

December 2011
Our core membership left Survivors and formed Pandamonium. It was the largest deployed guild on the Darth Bandon server as part of the official Star Wars: The Old Republic Pre-Launch Guild Program.

June 2012
Due to the massive character transfer and server consolidation, SWTOR Pandamonium moved to the Corellian Run server.

September 2012
Bioware completed another round of major server consolidations associated with the release of their new high capacity servers. SWTOR Pandamonium was automatically moved to The Shadowlands server.

March 2014
Pandamonium rebranded itself as an MMO Gaming Community and created a guild chapter in WildStar, on the Thunderfoot realm.

September 2014
In anticipation of the upcoming megaserver merge, WildStar Pandamonium took advantage of the free transfers and moved to the Stormtalon realm.

October 2014
Carbine executed a mandatory server consolidation associated with the release of their new megaservers. WildStar Pandamonium was automatically moved to the Entity server.

April 2015
Created an Alliance guild chapter in World of Warcraft, on the Proudmoore realm.

May 2016
Created a guild chapter in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, on the Leviathan world.

August 2017
Closed WildStar chapter due to inactivity.

November 2017
Bioware executed a mandatory server consolidation. SWTOR Pandamonium was automatically moved to the Star Forge server.

February 2018
Created a Horde guild chapter in World of Warcraft, on the Zul'jin realm.