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Moving to Stormtalon!

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Pandamonium (WildStar) is moving to Stormtalon!

For those not already aware, Carbine announced that they will be introducing megaservers in 3-6 weeks. This means that all North American PvE realms will be merged into one. We could opt to sit tight and simply wait for the merge to occur. However, given the current state of Thunderfoot (low population, low activity, bad economy) and the uncertain time frame on the megaserver release, the leadership team has instead decided to take advantage of the free realm transfers that are now being offered. A new Pandamonium guild has been created on Stormtalon, one of the more active realms. You are invited to initiate a free transfer to Stormtalon and then seek out an officer for an invite into that guild.

What if I don't want to move?

That's fine, you are not required to. We will continue to maintain the guild on Thunderfoot until the megaserver merge occurs, at which point both guilds will be combined back into one.

But won't I lose my character name?

If you transfer to Stormtalon, that is likely. However, when megaservers are introduced they will be adding last names. Everyone will have the option to change both first and last names, thereby getting your unique name back.

What about all of the guild perks and achievements?

They will move with us when the megaserver merge occurs. There will be a brief period of time where we are unlocking the perks again in the new Stormtalon guild. That guild will ultimately become our overflow Pandamonium II guild once the megaservers go live.

Okay, so how do I transfer?

Thanks to Lorent for confirming the process:

If you reserved your name on Stormtalon already, you'll have to delete the toon before the transfer goes through if you still want to use the name. There is a bug where if your toon is flagged for rename, they won't accept the original name even if you delete the placeholder. That said, if your character name is common and might be stolen, Carbine is taking support tickets on the issue to rename.

Cougar's post on reddit about it


1. Set your housing plot to private, so neighbors can't harvest/send you mails during the transfer process.

2. Take people off your ignore list, and see if any mails pop up from spammers that were 'hidden.'

3. Clean out your mailbox and cancel your auctions.

4. Some people have claimed that they transferred just fine going over the plat limit, but to be safe, the previous restriction on level 50s was a maximum of 40 plat. This table has a full list of scaling money limits by level if you want to play it safe.


Instructions for importing your addon settings.

Your keybindings may also be lost, so it's worthwhile to backup your entire addon folder.

My test transfer went through in less than 5 hours using this procedure.

I'll also add that you cannot be a leader of a Guild, Arena Team, Circle or Warparty. You cannot have pending mail, auctions, commodity orders, or CREDD. Once your transfer is complete, delete your transferred Thunderfoot toon here on the guild website and re-add it under the new Stormtalon realm with your new character name (assuming you had to change it). Unfortunately, it's an unhappy quirk of Enjin's design that you can't just edit the realm name. Then, find a chapter officer for a guild invite. Remember to edit your guild note once you get invited so we can keep an administrative handle on things. Please be patient through this process, as we'll be transferring as well.

What about those who decide to stay on Thunderfoot?

You can continue to cross-realm group with those folks who moved to Stormtalon. Simply /invite characterName@realmName and then queue for dungeons, battlegrounds, adventures, and open arenas together. If you go to a dungeon and walk through the portal, both of you will end up in the same place. The only thing you won't be able to do is play in the open world together or chat with them via guild chat. You can, however, account whisper with folks on another realm and (obviously) chat in Mumble.

Should I move all of my characters?

If you are interested in moving, I would recommend only transferring those characters that you expect to be actively playing in the coming weeks. Any toons left in the Thunderfoot guild will automatically remain there when the megaserver merge occurs -- no additional guild invites needed. Those that move to Stormtalon will ultimately have to manually shift from one guild to the other once we are merged onto the same realm. Also, keep in mind guild perks will not be available on Stormtalon at the start, so if you are leveling up and relying on those, take that into consideration while you determine your own transfer timing.

When are we transferring?

For non-EV folks interested in making the move, you can initiate the transfer whenever you want. Eternal Vigilance members should put in for the transfer immediately following the upcoming Monday night raid (9/8). Because of how raid lockouts are effected by realm transfers, that timing should cause no disruption to your progression.

But why go through all of this trouble when megaservers will be coming soon?

Because 3-6 weeks is only an estimate. It could be much longer as they work through their testing. We would rather get in front of the current population issues rather than watch as the numbers continue to dwindle and recruitment dries up. Shorter queues, a better economy -- it's a win for everyone.

For those interested in moving to Stormtalon, login to WildStar and at the character select screen click the transfer button on the right side to initiate the process. Consider this the formal announcement from leadership to pull that trigger. Obviously if you have any questions, please speak up.
Posted Sep 5, 14 · OP · Last edited Nov 26, 14
I have an alt in the guild named Zapach until Tuesday, then I'll have Tabee on Stormtalon, so I am available to invite, PM on the forum or catch me in mumble if needed.
Posted Sep 5, 14
Is there a small list of officers on Stormtalon that could be posted so we know who to look for?
Posted Sep 6, 14
As of right now, the officer toon names to look for are:

  • Amalor - Amawyn
  • Axeette - Beels
  • KyroConnor - Kaisa
  • Meera - Alianin
  • Nimisha - Arli
  • Taurra - Lorent
  • Zapach - Zapach

There's a couple of us online now if you need an invite.
Posted Sep 6, 14
You can find us through here: Pandamonium Leadership

Alternatively, you can global friend us (or just friend us) and find us in-game so we can get you invited - as it stands now, I'm online now as Nimisha - and Alianin is on Meera (for the time being). :p I'm not planning on moving my main over until Monday night - so when I'm on I'll still primarily be on Thunderfoot until then, but I still can invite on Stormtalon in the meanwhile - and am happy to switch over when needed.

To keep things moving along quickly, don't forget to add your character to Stormtalon on your enjin profile (just re-add your character to your profile) - and then go searching for us. If you can't find us in game, you can check out mumble - if we aren't there either, send us a PM on the forums - I check the website frequently. :)
Posted Sep 6, 14
For those of you that have not yet transferred, I would encourage you to consider doing so. Most of our active members have now made the move to Stormtalon. As a result, the primary upside to staying on Thunderfoot (guild perks) has now pretty much gone by the wayside. We no longer have the influence to reactivate the guild buffs on Thunderfoot and they are slowly being unlocked and activated over on Stormtalon. The current guesstimate for the megaserver release is early November. So, if you're feeling lonely on the old realm, put in for a free transfer to join the rest of the folks on Stormtalon. It will still be a while yet before we are merged.
Posted Sep 29, 14 · OP