There have been a lot of moving parts in the Pandamonium community over the past couple of months. Most of them will be no surprise to anyone, but to ensure you all remain in the loop, I'll try and summarize as best I can. Let me preface this by saying: Pandamonium as a community continues to thrive and grow. Individual game interest ebbs and flows, and we have no choice but to ebb and flow right along with it. I am unconcerned about these changes.

Star Wars: The Old Republic
Infernal Machine, Night Whispers, Pinkies Out, and Slow to Die have all opted to close up shop. Stuck It (formerly known as Legion of Doom) shuttered their doors under the Pandamonium banner. That leaves us with eight active operation teams, and a handful of open spots for anyone interested in looking for a new raiding home. Details on those openings can be found here.

Eternal Vigilance has closed up shop and WildStar has converted to an Informal Chapter. Thank you to those folks who provided their officer services since we opened up this chapter a year ago. Alianin has now taken over as the Game Leader and things continue to chug along, albeit in a more casual fashion.

World of Warcraft
We have opened a new Informal Chapter in WoW on the Proudmoore realm. Details can be found in that game forum. We already have 29 characters tagged and the guild was formed 4 days ago! Our main guild is Alliance side, running under the Pandamic banner. We also have a Horde alt guild set up under the Pandämonium name (on the same realm).

For point of clarity, here is the definition of an Informal Chapter from our Charter:

An Informal Chapter is an MMO that Pandamonium has a small presence in. They are created when there is reasonable interest to have some organization within a particular game, but not to the point of having a leadership structure like an Official Chapter. Leadership of an Informal Chapter consists of one person: the Game Leader. They can petition the leadership team to form an Informal Chapter if there are at least 10 community members interested in joining. Informal Chapters will have one forum assigned to them, moderated by the Game Leader. There will be no active recruitment, as it is merely intended to allow for casual gameplay among existing members of the Pandamonium community. However, applications through an Informal Chapter are allowed. An Informal Chapter can be converted to an Official Chapter at any time if the leadership team determines that it qualifies.

Worth highlighting is the fact that potential new members can apply directly to the WildStar and World of Warcraft chapters even though they are tagged as informal. Our application includes a section where they can specify which chapter they would like to join for their apprenticeship. If you're an existing member and looking for an in-game invite into an informal chapter, simply coordinate with the Game Leader. They have discretion to appoint additional people with in-game invite privileges and can let you know who to look for.

We have a new Steam group for anyone interested in joining. Post your Steam ID on the Steam Friends thread and one of the officers will square you with a group invite.

Leadership Team
There has been a little internal shuffling on the Leadership Team. I won't bore you with specifics, but the current roster of folks can be found in that link. Kazyon will also be joining the SWTOR Chapter Officer crew (along with the recently joined Kahli and Meilin) once he's settled in his new home.

I think that's everything! If I overlooked something I'm sure one of the other Leadership Team members will chime in. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We try to be as transparent as possible without boring our membership at large with the day to day nitty gritty of running Pandamonium.