World of Warcraft
Pandamonium's World of Warcraft chapter has been upgraded from an Informal Chapter to an Official Chapter on the Zul'jin realm as a Horde guild. The full officer slate is: Alianin, Ambrosine, Duress, Jackie, Kaisa, and Spurius. Recruitment is plugging along and new people are joining each day. Current raid team Crimson Nova and returning raid team Stuck It will both be active there. If you'd like to join us on Zul'jin, feel free to move an existing toon over or roll a new one. For those starting fresh or returning from a break, purchasing the current expansion will give you an auto-level to 100 option. Those purchasing the upcoming expansion, Battle for Azeroth, will get an auto-level to 110 option (the current max level). We hope to see you there! (Our Alliance guild on Proudmoore, Pandamic, remains available for those with Alliance alts.)

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
Given the above, we have made some changes to the FFXIV officer crew: Katsyna has taken over as Chapter Leader; Jashan, Kerrrn, and Nancygrace remain as officers; Raf and Thalakos have been added to the officer mix. This chapter also is continuing to grow at a steady pace. Sith of the Seventh Dawn has been raiding since the start, and a new raid team is in the process of forming. If you'd like the opportunity to join a team on the ground floor, now is a great opportunity!

Star Wars: The Old Republic
Though these changes are not as recent, it's worth reminding folks that Laseracid is leading our SWTOR chapter with Brittany, LadyC, Magamax, and Wen'resson as officers. They are in the midst of running Pandamonium Winter Olympics. Check it out!

Lots of Pandamonium gaming options we hope you'll take advantage of. :)