After fourteen years of having a strict 21+ age requirement for membership in Pandamonium, the leadership team has decided to lower that requirement to 18+.

Rules should be for the benefit of the community as a whole. If we're losing out on people who would have otherwise been a great fit (as has happened several times in the recent past), than the rules are not working as intended. Given our Charter and the application process, it's clear that we're looking for mature members. That will not change. However, maturity does not always equal age.

We considered the possibility of leaving the age requirement in place and building in an exceptions process. However, this was ultimately ruled out. Justifications to allow one person in but turn away another could easily become contentious and result in unneeded dissension within the guild. We do not want there to be ambiguity in the recruitment process. As such, we will simply be relying more heavily on the application review and subsequent apprenticeship period to weed out those who are not a good fit from a maturity perspective. You can read more about the new member application review process, which we encourage all members to be a part of, in this thread.

This change will go into effect immediately. For any of you who assist in the recruitment process, please adjustment your recruitment posts accordingly.