Today marks Pandamonium's 7th anniversary! Thanks to all of you who have made this such a wonderful community to be a part of for so long. In honor of today, we've put a fresh coat of paint on our technology.

Technology Updates
  • We now have individual raid team pages which include progression, members, and basic information (Chaos Theory | Crimson Nova | Panda Coalition). These replace the old chapter progression pages and allow for team-specific recruitment.
  • In an effort to encourage communication in whatever mode you prefer, we've enhanced the text chat channel options of our Discord server. We've also added a direct link to Discord private messages on our website menu.
  • We now have a website Hall of Fame (because, why not... and wow... 3.5M views and 81K posts!).
  • Various tweaks and updates to make things just a little bit prettier, because who doesn't like pretty things?

We're always looking for fresh perspectives and ideas, whether it be about an existing chapter, the community as a whole, or a new chapter you think is worth exploring. We want to make sure people feel engaged.

Ways to Get Involved
  • If you're interested in joining the Leadership Team, please chat with one of the Community Managers.
  • The best kind of recruitment is one that has a personal touch. If you've been happy here, consider reaching out to your gaming friends and encouraging them to apply.
  • Join us on one of our open guild nights, which happen on a regular basis in each of our chapters. Keep an eye on the forum for details. it's a great way to meet new people in a casual, low-key environment.
  • Consider putting together a new raid or PvP team (talk to the Teams Community Manager).
  • Join our Discord, Steam, and Blizzard communities (links are in the footer below under "Social").

Pandamonium is what you make of it, so feel free to create your own opportunities. We're here to help!