Zucchini will be in abundance in the next few weeks as farmers flood the market with their crop. If you have never grown Zucchini or are thinking about planting a few plants next year, ONLY PLANT ONE. Zucchini grow like rabbits multiply and if you plant a few, you will have them coming out of your ears. This is the subject of the recipe.

1 egg
4 seasons dry salad dressing
Bread Crumbs
Peanut Oil ( I do not use olive when I deep fry but feel free to use it)
Sour Cream
Basil, Oregano, Salt, Garlic ( or a " Italian Seasoning " bottle)

Pour enough Oil in a sauce pan so that the oil is about 1/2 inch inside your sauce pan - Turn on High to heat the oil
Take 1 cup of sour cream and put in a plastic container ( easier to store )
Add 1/2 packet of the 4 season dry salad dressing mix to sour cream and stir - set aside

Cut your Zucchini as if you were going to use it for dip

In a small bowl add;
1 egg
Italian Seasoning ( the amount is up to you)

The consistency of these three should not be like pancake batter, a little more " watery " than that

Get a Dinner plate and place two paper towels on the plate, set aside

Pour some bread crumbs onto a plate
Check to see if the Oil is hot ( What I do is run some water from the faucet onto my fingers then flick the water into the oil, if you hear a sharp ' Hiss ', the Oil is hot enough

Take your cut Zucchini and place into a shallow bowl, pour the milk/flour/egg on top of the cut Zucchini.

Take your Zucchini, roll it within the bread crumbs and then place them into the Oil, turn them over ( I use two forks) and brown the other side ( Usually about 45 seconds should do the trick but you can figure out the time on your own )

Remove the Zucchini from the Oil and place onto that dinner plate with the paper towels on them - lightly salt immediately ( just one side )

Plate the Zucchini and take the sour cream mixture as a dipping sauce

There you go, a nice snack