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So, I've finally decided to dip into the whole Star Wars novels scene, starting with the SWTOR-related series. Just finished Revan and Fatal Alliance, and am about to start Deceived/Annihilation. As someone who played through the KOTOR games, and the SWTOR continuation, it's been a lot of fun to revisit the backstory and think of how it all ties in with our playthroughs. I had been hoping Revan was more of a KOTOR 0.5 that delved more into Revan & Malak, but I did like Scourge from my Jedi Knight playthrough in SWTOR, so I didn't mind as much as other readers that a lot of the book focused on him. It was fun to see Revan's backstory fleshed out from KOTOR and how we eventually meet him in the Foundry in SWTOR.

Are there any other tie-ins people would recommend? Especially SWTOR-related? What about just plain expanded universe books?
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A few year back, I was driving way too many hours each way for work and found that audio books were a great way to pass the time. Anyway... I listened to the entire Legacy Era series of books. They focus largely on the children of Luke, Leia and Han leaving their mark on the galaxy and will likely completely contradict the upcoming movies.

Filling-in some of the blanks was sometimes a pain (specifically the Yuuzhan Vong). But I especially liked the crossover between the Clone Wars cartoon series and some of the people/places/themes in these books. I particularly liked connecting the dots between so much of the lore and the events in these books: Killiks, Centerpoint Station, the Maw, the Prophecy of the Chosen One and Abeloth to name a few.

My guess is that with the new movies release, this particular piece of the Expanded Universe will become harder to find and enjoy without drawing comparisons. Just my two cents.
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Posted Dec 24, 14
By a wide margin, the Bane trilogy was the best read of any of sw universe books i went through. I cannot recommend them enough.

Lots of backstory regarding the Sith and specifically the Rule of Two.
Posted Dec 24, 14
Agreed Bane trilogy is one of my favorites.
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Posted Dec 24, 14
I recently read the Bane trilogy and....well,it had some high points.....and some low points. In context, its pretty good. Most all Star Wasrs books are written for a wide audience and not very heavy.

My favorite is 'I, Jedi' its more or less a stand alone set after RotJ as Luke is beginning to rebuild the Jedi Order and focuses on Corran Horn. I just last night finished 'Kenobi' which was pretty good if quite a bit different in style and constrained by the timeline and known events.

I liked most of the Timothy Zahn novels but the most recent one, a standalone Lando/Chewie/Han adventure was not very good.
Posted Dec 24, 14
I like lots of fantasy fiction. Give me werewolves and vampires anytime! Throw in some romance and I'm hooked ;)

I love Laurell K. Hamilton and recently started a series by Sylvia Day.

My alltime fallback, must bring on trips author is Tamora Pierce. Her books are geared toward teens but they are easy quick reads that I have been enjoying for years.
Posted Jan 16, 15
The next book in The Expanse, "Nemesis Games", is coming in June.

And the trailer for the series on SyFy has just been released:

Posted Jan 17, 15
Horatio wrote:
My favorite is 'I, Jedi' its more or less a stand alone set after RotJ as Luke is beginning to rebuild the Jedi Order and focuses on Corran Horn.

Agreed! I, Jedi was very good, though I actually preferred the X-Wing series that took place right before it. Corran was a great character, loved his development.

As for non-SW fare, I always recommend the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series, really one of the only series of books that's had me laughing so hard I cried.

More classically, I love reading anything Lovecraftian; always gives me goosebumps. :)
Posted Jan 20, 15
Ok guys, here's a list of Sci-Fi and Fantasy that I like and a way to get some of it as e-books for free from the publisher.

David Drake: Liuetenant Leary
David Weber: Honor Harrington, Dahak
John Ringo: Aldanta, Empire of Man
Eric Flint: 1632, Belisarius
Larry Correia: Monster Hunters
Kevin Hearne: The Iron Druid
Simon R. Greene: The Droods, Darkside, Deathstalker
L.E. Modesitt Jr: Recluse, The Corean Chronicles, The Imager

You can find a good sampling of stuff by Drake, Weber, Ringo, Flint, and Correia for free from the Baen Free Library. Happy reading!
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Bumping this thread. I love the "Tao" series by Wesley Chu, and recommend 3rd book "Rebirths of Tao" (and entire series, obviously)

Also just read "Presence" by Amy Cuddy. Really good stuff if like me you need some tactics for boosting your confidence - I have to deal with public speaking and dealing with alot of difficult sorts as a lawyer, and got some good stuff from this book. She did TED talk that inspired book, but have not watched it yet.

Would love to see what folks here are reading, b/c have taken several suggestions and been pleased. Adds to my list of books that I cannot possibly check off unless I live to be 200. :lol:
Posted Oct 29, 16 · Last edited Oct 29, 16
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